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Novice Junior Class ·

Sadie Murray. 62890398003
CH SNOWFLOWER SUGAR'S WILL O'THE WISP CDX BN RA CGC. DN42127105. 2015-02-12. By GCH CH Blackfyre's Wyld Kazmanian Devil CDX PCDX GN RE - Snowflower A Sugarrush. Bred by: Carmen Helgesen. Owners: Donald Shepard/dawna Shepard/carmen Helgesen
Belgian Tervuren Bitch

Ava Oblisk. 63527726001
CH 2INFINITY RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. WS52536201. 2015-12-15. By GCHS CH Waylon Vom Stefanhaus CD RE - Neu-Rodes Whatchamacallit 2infinity RN. Bred by: David Bert/christina Ulberg. Owners: Christina Ulberg/david Bert
Rottweilers Bitch

Easton Hudson. 38222570002
GCHB CH SPARTAS HAVE FUN STORMIN DA CASTLE BN RI FDC CGCA CGCU TKN ATT. WS69310501. 2020-07-10. By GCHP CH Russian Bears Play It Again Sam For Old Times Sake RN BCAT - GCH CH Jodira Von Maymakan RN CGCA CGCU. Bred by: Jean Tuggle/emily Fagan. Owners: Christine Hudson/jean Tuggle/emily Foster/
Black Russian Terriers Dog
Novice Intermediate Class ·

(*) Aeris A. Morris. 11504684006
FLEURYDACHS SPIRIT OF THE PRINCE. HP64636807. 2022-03-02. By Fleurydachs Titan - Fleurydachs Beretta Ml. Bred by: Kristen K Fleury. Owners: Aeris A. Morris
Dachshunds Dog

(*) Morgan Starks. 63645011001
ATTICA ECLIPSES. WS76824902. 2022-04-05. By Eclipse's Expecto Patronum - Let Me See That Tootsie Roll. Bred by: Jenny Williams. Owners: Summer Starks
Cane Corso Bitch

Amelia Russell. 41558454001
GCHB CH MAR-RIC COOPER JAMES CINDY'S CHOICE RN RATN CGC. SR92120605. 2016-02-11. By Mar-Ric City Lights - Mar-Ric Sweet Inspirations. Bred by: Rick Perkins/mary Batson. Owners: Marie Brumfield/sierra Story
English Springer Spaniels Dog
Open Junior Class ·

Sophia Otis. 76337257002
CH REDLEAF'S INTERSTELLAR BCAT CGC TKN. HP55424502. 2018-03-30. By GCH CH Eastwynd Fast And Furious - Redleaf Champagne Kisses. Bred by: Christina Babey/denise Dang. Owners: Mandie Russell
Redbone Coonhounds Dog

Mina Jones. 65112993001
GCH CH TAJA BLANCA VALENTINA. TS31375001. 2016-01-28. By Taja White Mochachino - Sherabill Dirty Sexy Money. Bred by: Tara Jamani. Owners: Amie Mclaughlin
Chinese Crested Bitch

Johanna Tuggle. 89665010001
GCH CH JODIRA VON MAYMAKAN RN CGCA CGCU. WS62772601. 2018-04-19. By Fortuna Feeria Elisar Woin Sweta - Fortuna Feeria Camelia. Bred by: Dagmar Tietge. Owners: Jean Tuggle/emily Foster/makynlee Hudson/christine Hudson
Black Russian Terriers Bitch
Open Intermediate Class ·

Paige Rian Kellis. 30930084002
KELLIS' RUBY FDC TKN ATT. NP55724903. 2019-07-03. By Wcbb Don Juan The Trickster - Wcbb Fresh Ripe Raspberry Chambord. Bred by: Christine Kerber. Owners: Paige Ryan Kellis
Boston Terriers Bitch

(*) Peytyn Pratt. 98072655005
TXS BELLS WRECKEN HEARTS @NWRAINBOWS. DN71240605. 2022-03-12. By Txs Bells Gonna Need A Wrecker To Broken Arrow - Cachet From Mint Hill Rosycheeks. Bred by: Liz Bell. Owners: Brittney Farnsworth
Australian Shepherds Bitch

(*) Paige Pratt. 93371040001
TXS BELLS SPOT ON @NORTHWESTRAINBOWS OF WA. DN65883403. 2021-01-14. By CH Just Keep On Trucking To Malpaso Of Angel Crossing - Pine For You Labakan Slovakia. Bred by: Liz Bell. Owners: Brittney Farnsworth
Australian Shepherds Bitch

Makynlee Hudson. 47599157002
GCHP CH RUSSIAN BEARS PLAY IT AGAIN SAM FOR OLD TIMES SAKE RN BCAT. WS51142905. 2015-05-14. By GCH CH Filimon Rbk Iz Galickih Zemel RN - CH Zemfira Yablunevyi Tsvit At Russian Bears. Bred by: Helene Haldi/edward Leisure. Owners: Jean Tuggle/krystal Wilson-einowski/emily Foster
Black Russian Terriers Dog
Open Senior Class ·

(*) Daria. 10762724003
DAYSPRING EVER WITH ME OF ANDURIL. DN60987708. 2020-01-12. By CH Dayspring Can't Take The Sky From Me RN CGC TKN - GCH CH Isengard's Just Do It For Anduril. Bred by: Anne M Lynch/cara Norman Greger. Owners: Daria Suarez/christy Suarez
Belgian Sheepdogs Bitch

(*) Kendra Garrettson. 32993589003
GCH CH KALARA'S WHAT DREAM MAY COME. WS59855701. 2018-01-29. By GCH CH Kalara's Party Like A Rockstar - GCH CH Huskavarna's Furever Dreamin Diamonds. Bred by: Shawna Garrettson. Owners: Shawna Garrettson/kendra Garrettson
Siberian Huskies Bitch

Katherine R Jackson. 59101604001
CH RIPN T'S N NAJA'S READY TO ROCK. WS62673102. 2018-11-09. By GCH CH Pineridge's Dancing Like A Rock Star At Ripn T'S - Ripn T's N Mi-T's Hottie Toddy. Bred by: Tina Montgomery. Owners: Tina Montgomery & Katherine Jackson
Boxers Dog

Sarah E Wolfe. 13835386003
WINDSONG BONHEUR WELL-KEPT SECRET AT ROCKIN HEART. DN66750701. 2021-02-03. By Want To Do! Z Kovarny - CH Windsong Bonheur Terra Nova. Bred by: Alleyne Dickens/martha Schubert/tierney Mays. Owners: Nancy Lee Wight/ Martha Schubert/ Alleyne Dickens/ Tierney Mays
Belgian Tervuren Bitch

Harley Swedyk. 86797781002
CH CASTLEHILL'S N BLUEFENCE JOLENE. HP48811304. 2014-10-19. By DC Castlehill's Odds 'N My Favor - GCH CH Castlehill's Peg O' My Heart. Bred by: Jan Allison/sara Watson/sharon Dok. Owners: Elizabeth Swedyk/harley Swedyk
Basset Hounds Bitch

Gabriella Gebhard. 58189491002
GCH CH SET'R RIDGE'S LEGEND IN THE MAKING. SS18304502. 2020-03-12. By CH Lucksheray From Rolex - CH Set'R Ridge's On A Wing And A Prayer. Bred by: Melissa Newman. Owners: Gabriella Gebhard/ Melissa Newman
English Setters Dog

Maddison Barnhart. 97776175002
GCHB CH ANTICO'S EVE OF MT VIEW. WS74149802. 2021-09-13. By GCHG CH Evolution's Mclovin - Antico's Sunset Nevaeh. Bred by: Patrick Haenni/kate Muldoon. Owners: Brandi Miller/kate Muldoon
Cane Corso Bitch

Natalie Van Tassel. 33176979002
GCHB CH SILVERWOOD CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK AT LIMELITE. DN43840203. 2015-07-29. By Stormridge's Bag Of Chips - GCH CH Dancin' Eyes Take The Cake. Bred by: Marge Stovall/adam J Tavares Iii. Owners: Katie Knudtson
Australian Shepherds Dog
Master Class ·

(*) Venna Harris. 81620206006
GCHB CH INTEGRA'S INDUBITABLE SC. TS53513805. 2021-10-24. By CH Mordecai's On My Own - GCHB CH Integra's High Fashion. Bred by: Mark A Lucas. Owners: Larry L Harris/venna R Harris/dayde W Harris
Italian Greyhounds Dog

Lila Holberg. 18040640001
GCHS CH SOUTHERN MALMASON PHEASANTLY SURPRISED JH CA DCAT. SS00712908. 2017-08-06. By CH Fieldstone Alydar Heaven In Your Eyes - CH Malmason Alydar Shining Example JH BCAT CGC TKN. Bred by: Tina Mcdonnell/beth T Kirven/terry Ellis. Owners: Tina Mcdonnell/lila Holberg
Pointers Dog

All results are input from each judge’s sheet but are not considered official until AKC has reviewed and published them. If any errors or omissions are noted, please contact our office or email If the error is on the part of our data entry, we will correct it. If the judge’s sheet shows the award marked incorrectly you will need to contact either the judge or AKC Events Department to get the matter resolved.

NOTICE: Breed Points/Dogs Defeated posted as a courtesy to exhibitors ONLY. Neither the Club or the Superintendent assume responsibility for absolute accuracy. Accuracy is not considered final until AKC has reviewed and posted the final numbers in their records.