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Novice Junior Class ·

Taylor Boley. 36110205003
GLADYSTAR QUEEN OF WYNDING WAY. PR25977604. 2022-08-19. By CH Cadeau's Batteries Cost Extra FDC - Gladystar Only Angels Have Wings MX MXJ TKI. Bred by: John B Pittman. Owners: Jan Boley
Poodles Bitch

Isabel Rusch. 23207701004
DARLING MON AMUR. TS54693901. 2021-01-21. By Favorit Style Figaro - Strelna Land Yavnaya Favoritka. Bred by: E A Alekseeva. Owners: Ann Hurley
Russian Toys Bitch

(*) Brooke Bally. 94604264003
GCH CH SKYLINE'S STOP AND STARE. HP53959105. 2017-06-24. By 24 Karat Gold Rush - All American Dream Girl. Bred by: Gary Franks/megan Perez. Owners: Beth Jenkins/brooke Bally/megan O'connor
Treeing Walker Coonhounds Dog

(*) Pepper Debelak. 79865821002
GCH CH ROMAN REIGN AND LUCALI'S CLEVER GIRL. NP68588203. 2021-08-08. By Bihar's Life Of The Party - Chenoka Roman Reigns New Song. Bred by: Bevin Towell/jennie Chen/john Knox. Owners: Sunny Debelak/will Debelak/pepper Debelak/jennie Chen
Lowchen Bitch

Violet Herioux. 62593721001
SKYRUNNER KYRIE KINETIC RN NA NAJ CGC. DN61785902. 2020-04-07. By GCH CH Miqelon Eye Spy - CH Kyrie Skyrunner The Starry Night RN. Bred by: Tracy Gensler/katy Lancour/debbie Walker. Owners: Katy Lancour/tracy Gensler
Shetland Sheepdogs Bitch

(*) Olivia Rutherford. 25296503002
GCH CH TAHARI N CLEARCREEK'S HIGHWAY PATROLMAN. SS12647512. 2019-04-09. By CH Seasyde Chesterhope Bingo! - GCHG CH Hipoint Here Comes The Sun. Bred by: Linda Cayton/mr. Frank Depaulo. Owners: Jaime K Rutherford/frank Depaulo
Pointers Dog

(*) Olivia Simonar-wochos. 83907000001
RGK'S BLACK DIAMOND. TS57437301. 2022-09-27. By Fabio Tania Happy Tails - Rgk's Halloween's Queen Of Darkness. Bred by: Suann Dombrowicki. Owners: Juliana Simonar-wochos/ Olivia Simonr-wochos/ Suann Dombrowicki
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Dog
Novice Intermediate Class ·

(*) Sawyer Miehe. 47599157004
HK SASSY PANTS. DN66646703. 2021-03-15. By CH RACH Top Notch Frontrunner CD BN RM3 RAE2 CGC TKN - Gda Lil Demon CGC TKI. Bred by: Cheyenne Bailey-jackowski. Owners: Lacey Miehe/cheyenne Bailey-jackowski
Border Collies Bitch

Andrew Herioux. 74793000001
SKYRUNNER'S LIL DUDE MAN. DN67316803. 2021-05-15. By CH Oceanmyst's League Of Legends RN CGC - Skyrunner Kyrie Chiaroscuro BN RN CGC. Bred by: Katy Lancour/tracy Gensler. Owners: Mark And Tiffeny Herioux
Shetland Sheepdogs Dog

Xasha Lagunes. 32420634004
HARVESTIME MONTANAS MIDNIGHT RIDE CD BN RA FDC OA OAJ NJP OF NFP BCAT CCA THD CGCA TKA. SR93435201. 2016-05-12. By CH Sharmik's Paradise @ Harvestime RN THDX - Harvestimes Classical Jazz RN. Bred by: Heather Enigl/debra M Zierler. Owners: Debra Zierler
Golden Retrievers Dog

(*) Max Smith. 15073675001
CH SOME OKIES HOT CLASSY LEGEND OF DEVILS SPY. RN36730202. 2021-06-12. By CH Kingsfarm's Hot Classy Devil - Some Okies Wicked Witch. Bred by: Mrs. Annalee Cox/manuel Saldivar. Owners: Catanya Smith/ Annalee Cox/ Jason Smith
Bull Terriers Dog

(*) Juliana Simonar-wochos. 97567534001
JINGLE JANGLE CAVALION. TS56111901. 2021-12-27. By Baby Blues Tik Herkus - Wiolinowa Wow Cavalion. Bred by: Agnieszka Andrearczyk-wozniakowska. Owners: Suann Dombrowicki & Gracelynn Destree
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Dog
Novice Senior Class ·

(*) Isabelle Dietzler. 48679793005
GCH CH TOASTY'S RIDERS ONTHE STORM AT CEDAR TD. SS12986702. 2019-06-30. By CH Toasty's Maestro - Toasty's Walk Like An Angel RN RATN CGC. Bred by: Tracy Martin/gary Martin/pamela Oxenberg. Owners: Tom & Mary Schulz
Golden Retrievers Dog

Natalie Markin. 16397667007
LOSNABAKKEN'S T-E STIRNIR EINSSON DCAT. DN66799401. 2019-12-01. By Sunnusteins Einir - Losnabakken's N-A Tata. Bred by: Geir Langset/linn Langset/beret Langset. Owners: Jenifer Brimmer
Icelandic Sheepdogs Dog
Open Junior Class ·

(*) Mason Grieser. 47707279001
CH SANDBAR'S COTTON PICKIN'. SS12513003. 2019-05-04. By GCHB CH Next Generations Ironwoods Walnut MH - CH Sandbar's High Cotton. Bred by: Diane Baker. Owners: Melissa Grieser/diane Baker/mason Grieser/samuel Grieser
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Bitch

Archer Grieser. 44025393002
GCH CH NEXT GENERATION MOONSHINE STILL. SS07119908. 2018-07-21. By Next Generations With A Whiskey Chaser SH - CH Next Generations Whiskey And Rye. Bred by: Adam Levy/diane Baker. Owners: Melissa Grieser
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Bitch

Jordyn Seymour. 30407794001
CH UPLAND'S BOURBON AND BLUEGRASS. SS08470601. 2018-09-22. By GCHS CH Upland's Made You Look - CH Bruce's Whiskey In A Teacup @ Upland. Bred by: Linda J Blaser/kietra Boerson/robert Bruce. Owners: Linda Blaser/kietra Boerson/jordyn Seymour
Field Spaniels Dog

Mahliya Brown. 94046929001
GCH CH CORRALITOS IF I AIN'T GOT YOU RN CGC TKN ATT. RN35416401. 2020-08-28. By GCH CH Whit's Born Country RN NAJ CA TT CGC - GCHB CH Celtic's Song Of Ice & Fire CD PCD BN RA NA ACT2 RATN DN CGCA CGCU TKI ATT. Bred by: Karla Edwards. Owners: Karla Edwards And Danielle Hansen
American Staffordshire Terriers Bitch

(*) Oscar Zoeller. 50293344001
GCH CH RIOT'S CHRONOKEEPER RN. DN46192801. 2016-05-28. By GCHP CH X'Sells Kiss-N-Tell - GCHB CH Impact's Golden Ray CA. Bred by: Ms. Brittany Marissa Greendeer. Owners: Oscar Zoeller/sara Zoeller/danielle Zoeller/brittany Marissa Greendeer/izabella Zoeller
Australian Shepherds Dog
Open Intermediate Class ·

Danielle Zoeller. 28723325003
RIOT OCEANAIRE MIRAGE ARCANE. DN72069605. 2022-05-01. By GCHB CH Riot's Strength Of The World - Riot's Exiled Excellence CA. Bred by: Brittany Greendeer/becky Wyant. Owners: Sara Zoeller/danielle Zoeller/izzy Zoeller/brittany Greendeer
Australian Shepherds Dog

Jordyn Uitenbroek. 74234590003
CH MOONSTONE'S NOT A PROPER LADY. DN44007108. 2015-09-09. By GCH CH Kelso's Takin' The High Road HSAds - Moonstone's In The Dark Of Night CD BN RA HSAs OA OAJ. Bred by: Louise Torkelson. Owners: Louise Torkelson
Collies Bitch

(*) Kaitlyn Massart. 59828079003
SPARKING PHOENIX PHINEAS R U SIRIUS BLACK. TS54469004. 2022-01-29. By Chiville's Sterling Mcchubbin Sparking Phoenix - CH Loucan's Magic Minerva Renquist Academy. Bred by: Candace Henry/nathaniel Renquist. Owners: Kate Massart/jeri Johnson
Chihuahuas Dog

(*) Skye Grieser. 39760831002
NYEHYRST USONIA. SS20181203. 2020-08-03. By Gypsy's Soul Zavood - Nyehyrst Lena The Naiad. Bred by: John Heyn/daria Heyn. Owners: Melissa Grieser/john Heyn/skye Grieser
Curly-Coated Retrievers Bitch

(*) Johnathan Seymour. 73864873001
GCHG CH BRUCE'S LIVING THE LIFE @ UPLAND. SR94532102. 2016-03-02. By Winfarthing's Rob Roy At Bruce - CH Bruce's Sweet Marie From Northsky "Blk Br". Bred by: Robert Bruce/kathleen Ahrens-johnson. Owners: Mikala Seymour/ Linda Blaser/ Peter Archer/ Nadene Seymour
Field Spaniels Dog
Open Senior Class ·

(*) Julia Gildernick. 13376023002
RISINGSTAR'S NEW YORK'S JEWEL TKN. DN72814206. 2022-06-13. By CH Cedar Hill Perfect Shot At Empyrean - Risingstar's Funshine Bear. Bred by: Sarah A Bowdish/sarah A Bowdish/linda M Bowdish. Owners: Julia Gildernick
Australian Shepherds Bitch

Addison Patti. 80335744001
CH FUSSARO'S IT WASN'T ME!. TS54465203. 2022-02-20. By GCH CH Sarjan's Omg! - CH Kylin's Cause And Effect. Bred by: William Fussaro/angela Fussaro. Owners: William And Angie Fussaro
Shih Tzu Dog

(*) Gracelynne Destree. 37563493005
CH IMPROV VALKYRIE DONUT BE JELLY. TS55344202. 2022-03-29. By GCH CH Improv 'N Jems Gridiron Gangster - Valkyrie's Spiral Dance. Bred by: Christy Collins/jeri Johnson. Owners: Christy Collins & Gracelynn Destree & Jeri Johnson
Chihuahuas Bitch
Master Class ·

Samantha Abels. 97796137005
GCH CH LUV BUG N BRYLEE'S CONSPIRACY THEORY. TS55445501. 2022-04-24. By GCHB CH Luv Bug's No Holding Me Back @ SherRex - Ricky - GCH CH Luv Bug's Chanel Number Five. Bred by: Connie Banitt/nyra Banitt. Owners: Michelle Abels/samantha Abels/connie Banitt
Havanese Dog

All results are input from each judge’s sheet but are not considered official until AKC has reviewed and published them. If any errors or omissions are noted, please contact our office or email If the error is on the part of our data entry, we will correct it. If the judge’s sheet shows the award marked incorrectly you will need to contact either the judge or AKC Events Department to get the matter resolved.

NOTICE: Breed Points/Dogs Defeated posted as a courtesy to exhibitors ONLY. Neither the Club or the Superintendent assume responsibility for absolute accuracy. Accuracy is not considered final until AKC has reviewed and posted the final numbers in their records.