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GIG HARBOR KC - JR - 1/14/23

Novice Junior Class ·

Sabina Botuchis. 33293296001
MOMO MIRACULOUS. NP68120701. 2021-07-20. By Bruno Von Lim - East Bay Frenchies Midnight. Bred by: Nicole Quinderro Lim. Owners: Kristin & Brian Botuchis
French Bulldogs Bitch

Drew Lefler. 66051029002
WILLOW ROSE. PAL285243. 2020-04-15. By - . Bred by: . Owners: Drew Lefler
Poodles Bitch

Elora Jarrett. 94604264001
GCH CH POLAR MIST MISCHIEF MANAGED ATT. WS65311402. 2019-05-02. By GCH CH Cabaka's Qonjac Of Summertime - CH Polar Mist Lil Miss Hot Pants. Bred by: Lynette Blue. Owners: Amber Jarrett & Elora Jarrett
Samoyeds Dog

Cameron Kerridge. 89586740001
GCH CH TRADEWINDS A DANCE WITH DRAGONS CA FCAT TKN. HP59227801. 2019-11-29. By GCHB CH Tradewinds Code Of Dragons BCAT - CH Tradewinds I Believe. Bred by: Heidi S Mckon/john E Mckeon. Owners: Sarah Smith-falkner/jeffery Falkner
Beagles Bitch

Jonah Milstein. 1479835002
ZORRAZO TAKES TWO TO TANGO CGC. DN69408501. 2021-06-16. By Zorrazo Echo Of A Legend - Zorrazo Attitude Matters. Bred by: Marika Fredikson-sinkovic. Owners: David Milstein/ruth Milstein
Spanish Water Dogs Dog

Ben Bozlee. 33329109005
GCH CH BIG LUV'S COAST TO COAST CGC TKI. WS69814601. 2020-06-23. By Big Luv's True Grit - Karolina Cancrimo. Bred by: Katie Stankey. Owners: Michele Olsen & Katie Stankey
Newfoundlands Dog

(*) Easton Hudson. 38222570002
GCH CH SPARTAS HAVE FUN STORMIN DA CASTLE BN RI CGCA CGCU TKN ATT. WS69310501. 2020-07-10. By GCHP CH Russian Bears Play It Again Sam For Old Times Sake RN BCAT - GCH CH Jodira Von Maymakan RN CGCA CGCU. Bred by: Jean Tuggle/emily Fagan. Owners: Jean Tuggle/emily Foster
Black Russian Terriers Dog

(*) Johanna Tuggle. 89665010001
GCH CH JODIRA VON MAYMAKAN RN CGCA CGCU. WS62772601. 2018-04-19. By Fortuna Feeria Elisar Woin Sweta - Fortuna Feeria Camelia. Bred by: Dagmar Tietge/. Owners: Jean Tuggle/emily Foster/makynlee Hudson/christine Hudson
Black Russian Terriers Bitch

Talia Powell. 74148416003
DLUCKS THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS. HP59111903. 2020-01-03. By GCH CH Dark Moon's Supernatural SC - CH Dlucks In Cahoots With Zindika. Bred by: Natalie Scherwin. Owners: Araya Powell & Talia Powell
Basenjis Dog
Novice Intermediate Class ·

Savannah Barrett. 44399894005
YUTORI'S LUCKY CHARM. DN66633302. 2021-03-17. By Yutori's Hats Off To Caesar - Yutori's Hope Floats. Bred by: Lynn Drumm/cathy Pollack. Owners: Maryke Haynes/cathy Pollack
Finnish Lapphunds Bitch

(*) Lucy Linz. 63446389006
LOOKINGGLASS ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE SLD. HP64885001. 2022-03-15. By Stardust Way2go Von Skaer Sl - DC Sausage Stables V Setser Kimber S L JE SWA SCE SIE SEE SHDN CGC. Bred by: Carolyn Menges. Owners: Monique Linz/raymond Linz
Dachshunds Dog

Analise Weber. 10078065006
MAGGIE WEBER III CGC. SS11084512. 2019-03-10. By Hughes Silver Nickel - Hughes Cold Tundra. Bred by: Dr. Amber Dawn Hughes. Owners: Kirsten Weber
Labrador Retrievers Bitch

Sofia K Schutt. 79187899003
GCH CH MARINELLA'S LIVIN' ON THE EDGE BCAT. WS60181501. 2018-02-15. By CH Del Sur's Deep In The Heart Of Texas - GCH CH Marinella's Kickstart My Heart. Bred by: Kristle Marangon/david Marangon/hana Deiuri-marangon/natasha Wilson. Owners: Sofia K Schutt
Portuguese Water Dogs Bitch

(*) Tenzlee Benoit. 86223907002
GCH CH EMPYREAN'S CLOUDBREAK. DN59319601. 2019-06-27. By GCHB CH Spring Fever Rock Paper Scissors CGC - CH Empyrean Copperridge Hot Pursuit. Bred by: Stephen Blanco/john Miller. Owners: Emily Benoit/stephen Blanco
Australian Shepherds Bitch

(*) Tracen Roberts. 64085091003
GCH CH DAVINCI'S WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT. TS49034601. 2020-08-07. By GCH CH Flinters Pennies From Heaven - CH Davinci's Dangerously Divine & Noble. Bred by: Whitney Roberts/brian Roberts. Owners: Whitney V Roberts / Caitlin Hadden/ Teighan Adams & Tracen Roberts
Papillons Bitch
Novice Senior Class ·

Griffin Ogg. 46207442005
GRIFFINS TICKERTON. MA54623501. 2015-05-30. By Unknown - Unknown. Bred by: Unassigned. Owners: Griffin Ogg/lisa Ogg
All American Dogs Bitch

Alexander Goularte. 57761352003
KEADEEN'S NIGHT WATCH. RN37405403. 2022-01-15. By GCHG CH Keadeen's Beyond The Pale - GCH CH Keadeen's Luck Be A Lady. Bred by: Amy Tighe/jerry Kindall/ed Thomason/karen Thomason. Owners: Jessica Laborde/brad Batchelor/amy Tighe/jerry Kindall
Glen of Imaal Terriers Dog

(*) Chastine Jelenek. 81009488001
KUSHRYN'S STANDING OVATION. HP61103803. 2020-10-05. By GCH CH Haefen Phaeton Kaspian - GCH CH Kushiel's Freespirit Reign Of Fire JC CGC. Bred by: Erika Rose/garrison Rohan Rose/michelle Lynn Parton/brittany Adele Parton. Owners: Chastine Jelenek/ Erika Rose/ Shiriah Jelenek
Salukis Dog

(*) Teighan Adams. 18735418004
DAVINCI N KALISSE STITCHED FULL OF DREAMS. TS44737302. 2019-12-14. By Kalisse-Silhouette Ima Survivor - CH Davinci's Mistress Of All Hallows Eve. Bred by: Whitney Victoria Roberts. Owners: Whitney V Roberts & Teighan Adams
Papillons Bitch
Open Junior Class ·

Caiden Thompson. 29585756001
GCH CH REDSAGE SUN SHINES THROUGH THE RAIN AT BRIARROSE. SR90935401. 2015-10-28. By GCH CH Bartay's Little Bit Rock N Roll CD BN GN RI NAP NFP CGC - CH Trystyn's Some Like It Hot At Redsage. Bred by: Katherine J Dahlstet/sandra N Holmes. Owners: Caiden Thompson/ Richard Thompson/ Brooke Thompson/ Katherine Dahlstet
Welsh Springer Spaniels Bitch

(*) Vanessa Barrett. 44322333003
JOURNEY'S HOT AND GO TWEET ABOUT IT TKN. SS32825506. 2022-01-13. By CH Journey's Esspecial On A Hott Streak CDX - GCHB CH Journey Dartek Eldamar Tweet About It. Bred by: Kim Bullard/tekla Viker/demery Paladichuk/julie M Roberts. Owners: Jessica Barrett & Vanessa Barrett
English Springer Spaniels Bitch

William Robinson. 55540704001
SEALS OF THE PUGET SOUND FRANK THE TANK. NP71720104. 2021-12-15. By Wallrus Merle - Bkb Kelly. Bred by: Mr. Omar Martinez Duarte. Owners: Alexandra Seal William Robinson
Bulldogs Dog

Ophelia Stensen. 96935756001
GCHB CH CULTIVA CRUISIN FOR A BRUISIN PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. DN63769701. 2020-07-31. By GCHB CH Arnscroft Be A Sailors Son Di - GCHB CH Jotunn Femma Fatale Fiona CGC TKN. Bred by: Octavia Stensen/autumn Stensen/vali Eberhardt. Owners: Octavia Stensen/autumn Stensen/ophelia Stensen
Norwegian Buhunds Bitch

(*) Chloe Klennert. 14749835001
TOUCHE' MUSASHI RECONNAISSANCE. TS55171301. 2022-04-08. By GCHP CH Touche's Espionage - CH Musashi Tag Me At Touche. Bred by: Dale R Martenson. Owners: Kathleen Klennert
Japanese Chin Dog

(*) Mina Jones. 65112993001
NORTH IDAHO'S SHE'S SO EXTRA BCAT. NP62979702. 2020-10-03. By Gold-Sierra Umberto - North Idaho Frenchies Rumor On The Streets. Bred by: Stacy Douglass. Owners: Mina Jones/stacy Douglas/nicole Travis
French Bulldogs Bitch

(*) Ava Reilly. 48964983002
CH JAREAUX BACK IN LOVE AGAIN AT AUBREY. DN67163501. 2021-02-24. By CH Foxlor Shafrhaus Sammy Sosa - GCHG CH Aubrey's Mama Can'T Buy You Love. Bred by: Tammie Sommerson-wilcox/mr. Vincent J Savioli/mrs. Cynthia M Savioli. Owners: Tammie Sommerson-wilcox/vincent J Savioli/cyntha M Savioli/lori Sawyer
Pembroke Welsh Corgis Bitch
Open Intermediate Class ·

Paige Rian Kellis. 30930084002
KELLIS' RUBY FDC TKN ATT. NP55724903. 2019-07-03. By Wcbb Don Juan The Trickster - Wcbb Fresh Ripe Raspberry Chambord. Bred by: Christine Kerber. Owners: Paige Ryan Kellis
Boston Terriers Bitch

Lillie Vogel. 96907052001
GCH CH MATISSE BARB'ERIC AVILA. WS50521405. 2015-05-15. By GCH CH Barb'Eric's Orion RN - Barb'Eric's Abra Kadabra. Bred by: Eric F Long/barbara E Long/autumn Fortin/alexis Carter. Owners: Richelle Avila/ Lillie Vogel/ Doug Avila
Bullmastiffs Bitch

Isabelle Swingley. 22398062001
CH DAVINCI'S I'VE GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO. TS37300501. 2017-10-16. By Cadeau's Artful Adonis - CH DaVinci's Queen of Pin-Ups. Bred by: Whitney V Roberts. Owners: Bella Swingley & Kim Swingley
Papillons Bitch

Lorelei Binnendyke-payne. 66667999003
HOBBITON'S BIG SPLASH. DN58177403. 2019-04-05. By GCHP2 CH Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor PT - GCHS DC Hobbiton's The Sky's The Limit HSAds HSDs HIAds HXAd CA BCAT CGCA. Bred by: Laura Gilbert/susan Rhoades. Owners: Kris Thomspon/kayle Thompson
Border Collies Bitch

(*) Madison Orourke. 81884663003
CH SPARRAVOHN GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO FDC BCAT ACT1 CGC TKA ATT VHMA. RN35631003. 2020-11-09. By GCH CH Greywoode Cheviot Echo Of Oldstone - GCH CH Bandersnatch Ascendant. Bred by: Janice K Hewitt. Owners: Madison O’rourke/ Cherie O’rourke
Border Terriers Bitch

(*) Mia Whiteley-ross. 24520493001
TORA FRANCIS WHITELEY-ROSS. NP66101204. 2021-04-10. By CH Kumi Kian Stitch In Time - Temple Fontana's Scarlet Jasmine. Bred by: Barbara Corbett. Owners: Erin Whiteley-ross
Lhasa Apsos Dog

Myla Perry. 52849845002
CH SUPERNATURAL THE ROAD AHEAD. DN65064703. 2020-12-30. By CH Kino's Quarry Tiger Eye At Redbud - GCHS CH Bluefox Elyan Mine Not Yours. Bred by: C F Camin. Owners: Dayl Phillip
Cardigan Welsh Corgis Dog

(*) Mckaley Roetcisoender. 77278150002
CH RAMBLEWOOD RITZ NOTHING GETS BETTER THAN THIS. SS03364204. 2018-01-10. By CH Ramblewood The Joker - GCHB CH Ramblewood Lady Marmalade. Bred by: Pamela Holt/mrs. Linda M Riedel. Owners: Tawni Roetcisoender And Mckaley Roetcisoender
English Springer Spaniels Dog

Makynlee Hudson. 47599157002
GCHP CH RUSSIAN BEARS PLAY IT AGAIN SAM FOR OLD TIMES SAKE RN BCAT. WS51142905. 2015-05-14. By GCH CH Filimon Rbk Iz Galickih Zemel RN - CH Zemfira Yablunevyi Tsvit At Russian Bears. Bred by: Helene Haldi/edward Leisure. Owners: Jean Tuggle/krystal Wilson-einowski/emily Foster
Black Russian Terriers Dog

(*) Elena Schiebel. 51751542001
CH KELBY CREEK AND MOON VALLEY'S GIRL ON FIRE CGC. SS23994903. 2020-12-07. By GCH CH Kelby Creek's And Eastwind's Over The Moon SH - GCH CH Kelby Creek's Sweet Thing RATN CGC TKN. Bred by: Valorie Bordon/mary Gaudio. Owners: Jeanne Schiebel/elena Schiebel/valorie Bordon/mary Gaudio
Vizslas Bitch

(*) Annalise Wesley. 72388037002
EVERMORE'S CALIFORNIA GIRL RN. SS20358802. 2020-06-26. By CH Crystal Glen Topsider PCD BN RE - CH Rush Hill's Hakuna Matata. Bred by: Christian Rutten/tonya Struble/megan Honari. Owners: Annalise Wesley
Golden Retrievers Bitch

(*) Charlotte Hull-walton. 74855744003
ENCORE ROSARIO'S GOSSIP GIRL. DN69826907. 2021-11-28. By GCHB CH Moxie's Light Up The Sky RN SCA SIN TKP VSWE - GCH CH Encore's Maree Of Soul PT. Bred by: Megan Roberts/corinne Boon/charlotte Hull-walton. Owners: Charlotte Hull-walton/corinne Boon
Collies Bitch
Open Senior Class ·

Natalie Van Tassel. 33176979002
DRAYTON'S IF I HAD A NICKEL CGC TKN. DN69192109. 2021-07-19. By CH Remedy's I Am Groot RA - Step'N Out's Dancin' Ta Angelcreek. Bred by: Mckenzie Harrison/mrs. Jean Homfeld. Owners: Natalie P Van Tassel/ Mindy R Clark-van Tassel/ Mckenzie Harrison
Australian Shepherds Bitch

(*) Sarah E Wolfe. 13835386003
WINDSONG BONHEUR WELL-KEPT SECRET AT ROCKIN HEART. DN66750701. 2021-02-03. By Want To Do! Z Kovarny - CH Windsong Bonheur Terra Nova. Bred by: Alleyne Dickens/martha Schubert/tierney Mays. Owners: Nancy Lee Wight/ Martha Schubert/ Alleyne Dickens/ Tierney Mays
Belgian Tervuren Bitch

(*) Jewel Scott. 75279001004
LOOKOUTTRAIL'S WINTER DRAGON RN TKN. DN48286409. 2016-12-20. By GCHG CH Graffiti Mcmatt Shook Me @Lookouttrail - CH Lookouttrails Ez Shooten Starr. Bred by: Susan M Gilliam. Owners: Kristen Scott/vicki Graves/susie Gilliam/jewel Scott
Australian Shepherds Bitch

Leah Payne. 57118931002
CH RIPN T'S N NAJA'S LIGHT MY FIRE. WS69174203. 2020-08-05. By GCHG CH Irondale-Desertwindsn Twin Lake's The Way You Move - GCH CH Ripn T's N Naja's Just Like Fire. Bred by: Tina Montgomery/naomi Gibbs. Owners: Angie Miller/tina Montgomery
Boxers Bitch

(*) Gabriella Gebhard. 58189491002
GCH CH SET'R RIDGE'S LEGEND IN THE MAKING. SS18304502. 2020-03-12. By CH Lucksheray From Rolex - CH Set'R Ridge's On A Wing And A Prayer. Bred by: Melissa Newman. Owners: Gabriella Gebhard/ Melissa Newman
English Setters Dog

(*) Esperanza Ramsey. 87021281004
CH FOREVER YOUNG DE AVILA. DN50483704. 2017-04-18. By CH De Avila's Awe Inspiring PT - CH Isengard's Eve CGC. Bred by: Ruth Avila/gay Santerre. Owners: Ruth Avila/esperanza Ramsey
Belgian Sheepdogs Dog

(*) Madeline Horvath. 51121625004
CH ISENGARD'S KALISE. DN43597306. 2015-06-18. By Je M'Appelle Xanthe - GCH CH Isengard's Wildflower. Bred by: Joyce Winter/michael Winter/lorra Miller. Owners: Ruth Avila/madeline Horvath
Belgian Sheepdogs Bitch

(*) Madison Thompson. 77968282001
GCH CH SMOKETREE'S 24K MAGIC. SS20453219. 2020-06-29. By GCHS CH Zengold Murphy's Law BCAT CGC - GCHG CH Smoketree's Encore. Bred by: Megan Honari/sally Maryatt/randy Schepper/richard Larricq. Owners: Megan Honari/ Madison Thompson
Golden Retrievers Dog

Venna Harris. 81620206006
GCHB CH SPIRITS DUGUALLA LET FREEDOM RING. RN32550903. 2018-07-04. By CH Heaven Hi Take A Look At Me @ Spirit - CH Spirits Cowboys Delight. Bred by: Bonnie Paul/jessica Lyn Stover. Owners: Bonnie Paul/ Jessica Lyn Stover/ Amie Mclaughlin
Manchester Terriers Dog

Maddison Barnhart. 97776175002
GCH CH ANTICO'S EVE OF MT VIEW. WS74149802. 2021-09-13. By GCHG CH Evolution's Mclovin - Antico's Sunset Nevaeh. Bred by: Patrick Haenni/kate Muldoon. Owners: Brandi Miller/kate Muldoon
Cane Corso Bitch

(*) Isabella Schooley. 73027701003
TAILGATE SUNNY DAYS. HP60279804. 2020-04-19. By GCHP CH Topsfield-Sanchu Poppycock - DC Tailgate Wikid Ways. Bred by: Brian Black/gail Allen. Owners: Tania Schooley/ Isabella Schooley/ Gail Allen/ Brian Black
Basset Hounds Bitch

(*) Olivia Ciabattari. 37767538005
GCH CH MT RIDERS BOUNDING BRYZZO BIRDIE BOY CGC TKI. SS05201901. 2018-04-30. By GCH CH Pollack's Norman J Rockwell JH - Tk's Good Golly Quail A Running JH. Bred by: Mrs. Beth Ann Harrison. Owners: Andre Ciabattari/mary Ciabattari/olivia Ciabattari/nathan Ciabattari
Brittanys Dog

(*) Dakota Ford. 13426389001
NEU-RODES STICKIN' TO MY GIRL CD BN RE FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKI ATT. WS65821602. 2019-08-21. By CH Genwork's Smokin Joe CD RN - CH Neu-Rodes It's A Shore Thing CD RE. Bred by: Teresa Bradley/thomas Woodward. Owners: Dakota Ford
Rottweilers Bitch

Theron Hull-walton. 12269555001
DIGNPOPS LEAP FIRST LOOK LATER AT ENCORE. RN37898902. 2022-03-31. By GCHB CH Camio's Charred Oak - CH Dignpop Pocket Universe NJP NFP TKN. Bred by: Magda Chiarella. Owners: Megan Roberts/ Magda Chiarella
Norwich Terriers Dog
Master Class ·

Lila Holberg. 18040640001
GCHS CH SOUTHERN MALMASON PHEASANTLY SURPRISED JH CA DCAT. SS00712908. 2017-08-06. By CH Fieldstone Alydar Heaven In Your Eyes - CH Malmason Alydar Shining Example JH BCAT CGC TKN. Bred by: Tina Mcdonnell/beth T Kirven/terry Ellis. Owners: Tina Mcdonnell/lila Holberg
Pointers Dog

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