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GIG HARBOR KC - CONF - 1/14/23

Judge: Ms. Christine Erickson
Bred By Exhibitor Adult Bitches

(*) IN STRIDE'S BYE BYE BIRDIE TKA VHMP. HP63854601. 2021-11-21. By Naram Sin Du Haras De Crouz RA FDC SC CAA DCAT ACT2 SCN SIN SBN THDN CGCA CGCU TKP VHMA - Kel Simoon Shani N'Sambala RN SC ACT1 CGCA CGCU TKP VHMA. Bred by: Kayley Paylor. Owners: Kayley Paylor.
Open Bitches

KEL SIMOON SHANI N'SAMBALA RN SC ACT1 CGCA CGCU TKP VHMA. HP56850503. 2018-11-01. By Grantulla Korkoro - Juimadabey Okha. Bred by: Deborah Kidwell. Owners: Kayley Paylor.

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