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Novice A ·

(*) FAIRY TAIL FARMS RED RIDING HOOD RN HT FDC NA NAJ DCAT SCN SIN CGCA CGCU. DN62782907. 2019-11-10. By Heartland's Blue Skys - Heartlands Silk Stockings. Bred by: Laura K Annis. Owners: Debra Lake/mike Lake
Miniature American Shepherds Bitch

AEGIS QUEEN SOOKIE THE HEALER RI NAP NJP NFP CGCA TKN. HP56920902. 2018-09-16. By CH Karhiba N Tahari's Kings Ransom For Aegis - CH Aegis Everbodyz Looking. Bred by: Erin Coogan. Owners: Kaffka Judkins
Rhodesian Ridgebacks Bitch

KALEIDOSCOPE'S FIRST RIVER RUN BN RA CGCA. SS15794604. 2019-11-17. By GCH CH Front Four First In Line CD BN RE TKN - GCH CH Kaleidoscope Fire's First Ember. Bred by: Patricia L Williams. Owners: Karen K Miller/rory A Miller
Field Spaniels Dog

GRETEL MARIA VON SCHURKE TAL TDU OA NAJ OJP OF XFP CGC TKE ATT. DN48016005. 2016-12-10. By Hunter Boy Of Redwood Runs - Lady Foxy Roxy. Bred by: Ms. Mary Anne Crandall. Owners: Beckie Elgin
German Shepherd Dogs Bitch

FROST-KING FIONA DIE FREIDENKERIN RA TKI. WS68581302. 2020-06-10. By GCH CH Jayce Of Olympus-Walk RN - CH Frost-King Double Agent HSAdsc HSBds HIAdsc HIBd HIDs HXAds CGC. Bred by: Pamela A Frost. Owners: Roger Davis/cindy Davis
Rottweilers Bitch
Novice B ·

BOSCO ROSE BN NA TKN. PAL278306. 2018-05-08. By - . Bred by: . Owners: Chantal Rose
German Shepherd Dogs Dog

HIFI'S LET'S DANCE. DN54061002. 2018-06-21. By GCHG CH Blue Isle's Bourree - Hifi's Feather Can Fly CDX RE AX AXJ XF TKA. Bred by: Heidi Iverson. Owners: Kathleen R Thompson
Australian Shepherds Bitch

A MIGHTY MAXIMO VON DER ROGUE VALLEY RE CGC TKN. DN39967503. 2014-02-03. By Bruno Vom Midlicher Land - Hannah Vom Haus Ulko. Bred by: Linda Smith. Owners: Diana Meier/peter Meier
German Shepherd Dogs Dog

(*) CH NORDICSOL PARTY'S OVER JANGO CGCA TKI. DN65404609. 2020-12-04. By Shadagrace Because I'M Happy - CH Expected Tihkusade Tabanyaruu. Bred by: Kendra Hutch. Owners: Kayla Sha/marc Aguilar/erika David
Finnish Lapphunds Dog

(*) HENRY DUKE OF GRIMSBY BN RA CGC. DN50158304. 2017-05-18. By Chewbacca Chewie - Hana Solo. Bred by: Crystal Vizina. Owners: Judy Grimsby
Pembroke Welsh Corgis Dog

CH JEN'NDI SOMEWHERE IN TIME SWN CGCA TKN. NP49770301. 2018-03-18. By CH Jen'ndi's Top Notch NAJ - CH Schamayra's Jayla Flys To Jen'N Di. Bred by: Diane Wright/jennifer Mcclure. Owners: Pat Stolte
Keeshonden Bitch
Open A ·

LONGSHADOWS SIENNA BORN TO RUN CD RA. DN39059502. 2014-03-14. By Linderland Noteable Point - T-Jag's Dot The Bull RN. Bred by: Leigh Mathena. Owners: Kathleen Rigel Thompson
Australian Shepherds Bitch

MAJIC PIPER CD BN RE. SR88197603. 2015-05-31. By GCHP CH Foxboro N Shardust Authentic - GCH CH Majic Azumawilbec Holiday Connection. Bred by: Janet Warner/katie Effert. Owners: Perrie Bulkley
English Springer Spaniels Bitch

CH COWBOY'S CAT BALLOU CD RE CGC TKN. WS64142303. 2019-03-15. By CH Marlo's Midnight Cowboy CD PUTD BN RA - GCH CH Mylove's All That Jazz UD BN GN RE. Bred by: Peggy M Hammond. Owners: Peggy Hammond
Rottweilers Bitch

ZGYPSYS AVA VON DER SHERMAN-RANCH CD TDX TDU. DN44772802. 2016-01-07. By Galianas Machismo Von Der Sherman-Ranch - Zgypsy Von Der Sherman-Ranch. Bred by: Debra Lynn Sherman. Owners: Kate Hickey
German Shepherd Dogs Bitch
Open B ·

WHAT A ZINGER UDX BN GO RE AX OAJ. MA29369201. 2014-01-31. By Unknown - Unknown. Bred by: Unassigned. Owners: Dee Pierce
All American Dogs Dog

OTCH HARD ROCK PHOEBE UDX4 OM7 BN RE CGC. DN48086401. 2016-02-18. By Hard Rock Neal - Mona. Bred by: Brian James Cash. Owners: Rita Jensen
Border Collies Bitch

GCH CH BRITESTARS AREN'T I WOVELY? CD RM OAP OJP DCAT SIA SCN SEN. WS45953101. 2013-12-11. By GCHB CH Brite Star's Ladies Love Outlaws - GCH CH Britestar's Golden Rule CD RAE NAP SEN SBN. Bred by: Sara Borok/belinda Hutchings/barbara House. Owners: Sara Borok/belinda Hutchings/b. House.
Siberian Huskies Bitch

MISTYRIDGE HONEY WEST JUDO KICK CD GN RE CGC TKI. WS64118803. 2019-03-29. By GCH CH Mistyridge I Was Misinformed CDX PUTD RAE OAP OJP NFP ACT1 SIN TKA - CH Asgard's Nikki Heat CDX BN RA NAP NJP BCAT CGC TKI. Bred by: Mrs. Francis Keays/glenn Elizabeth Pollock. Owners: Leilani Farrier
Rottweilers Bitch

HISAWS SECRET CODE CD BN RE CGC TKA. DN50416701. 2017-06-01. By GCHB CH Heatherhill Linkin Park - Hisaws Don'T Stop Believe'N. Bred by: Kendra Silveira. Owners: Carol Wall/patricia Kearney
Australian Shepherds Dog

VERONIKA V TEMAR CD BCAT CGCA. DN57969303. 2019-05-24. By Pyro V Temar - Zicke Von Arlett. Bred by: Mary Dygert. Owners: Jane B Patterson
German Shepherd Dogs Bitch
Utility A ·

CINBREN DEJA VU BUCKAROO CDX RE AX AXJ TKA. PR18923206. 2015-11-28. By CH Karelea's Talledega Night - CH Cinbren Barking Shinju Of Greg-Mar. Bred by: Beva Wahl/martin Gregory. Owners: Janet F. Bourque
Poodles Dog

COWBOY'S ANNIE GET YOUR GUN CDX BN GN RE CGC TKN. WS56386501. 2017-02-22. By CH Marlo's Midnight Cowboy CD PUTD BN RA - Blue Diamond's Sierra's Showgirl UD BN GN RAE2. Bred by: Peggy Hammond/patti Shepherd/leilani Farrier. Owners: Peggy Hammond/patti Shepherd/leilani Farrier
Rottweilers Bitch

DASH N DOTS DREAM COME TRUE VCD1 CDX RE TDX OF CGC TKA. NP31376104. 2012-03-19. By CH Dash 'N Dots Decoder VCD2 RE TDX AX AXJ AXP AJP NF OFP - Fiacre N Dash N Dots Communicate VCD1 UD RE TDX. Bred by: Paulena E C Verzeano/carol L Chase. Owners: Paulena E C Verzeano/carol Chase
Dalmatians Bitch

CH ECHO HILL'S ALL THINGS WISE AND WONDERFUL VCD2 BN GO RE TD2 PT MXP MJP T2BP THD CGC TKA. DN55440602. 2018-08-24. By CH Woodsides Once Upon A Time RN HSAds HSCs HSDs AX AXJ AXP AJP FSXS CGCU TKN - Echo Hills Hershe Bahr SWN. Bred by: Mr. Eric & Cindy Bahr. Owners: Bridget E Honan
German Shepherd Dogs Bitch
Utility B ·

WHAT A ZINGER UDX BN GO RE AX OAJ. MA29369201. 2014-01-31. By Unknown - Unknown. Bred by: Unassigned. Owners: Dee Pierce
All American Dogs Dog

OTCH HARD ROCK PHOEBE UDX4 OM7 BN RE CGC. DN48086401. 2016-02-18. By Hard Rock Neal - Mona. Bred by: Brian James Cash. Owners: Rita Jensen
Border Collies Bitch
Beginner Novice A ·

SIR WINSTON SALESKA. PAL284316. 2020-09-18. By - . Bred by: . Owners: Heidi Saleska
Basset Hounds Dog

GCH CH ONASSIS GARDIEN DES CHUTES RE FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKI ATT VSWB. DN53049603. 2018-02-22. By CH Jackpot De L'Ame Du Loup CAA - CH Jakarta Bleue Du Chateau Rocher. Bred by: Carol Ann Cossey/karla Davis. Owners: Trina Marie Bastion
Beaucerons Bitch
Beginner Novice B ·

DRIFAN GRAND THEFT AUTO RN FDC CGC TKI. DN52892701. 2018-01-08. By CH Drifan Grand Prix HSAs - CH Caamora Shamquin Miss Dior At Drifan CD BN RN HSAds HSBd HIAds HXAd. Bred by: Vicki Northway. Owners: Lynn Maclean
Pembroke Welsh Corgis Dog

HISAWS BROADWAY BOOGIE BLUE RN CGC TKN ATT. DN58180103. 2019-03-17. By Copper Hills No Coincidence At Hisaw - Mcafee's Something To Talk About. Bred by: Kendra Winans/tonee Mcafee. Owners: Guyon Blisset And Lisa Rowe-blissett
Australian Shepherds Dog

GCH CH KESWICKE BETTER THAN A HALLELUJAH. SS15638605. 2019-09-30. By GCH CH Ocoee You Only Live Once - CH Keswicke One More Riot. Bred by: Frank Cain/laurin Howard. Owners: Perrie Bulkley And Laurin Howard
English Springer Spaniels Dog

(*) JUBILEE N ELECTRON'S STORM WARNING RN RATO CGCA CGCU TKN. WS71897801. 2021-03-11. By CH Foxfire's Rock My World - GCH CH Electron N Foxfire's Accessible Oregon Sunshine CD BN RN RATO CGCA CGCU TKI. Bred by: Martha L Machuca/tammy R Markey. Owners: Martha Machuca/tammy Markey
Doberman Pinschers Bitch
Preferred Novice ·

PATRIOTS RED WHITE AND PURPLE HAZE RE DCAT. DN61101203. 2019-12-20. By Solar Rays On Rainy Days - Mfr Tundra. Bred by: Andrew Poling. Owners: Leslie J. Johanson/shelby H. Codde
Border Collies Dog

(*) SOLO UNO'S LITTLE ARIEL BN RA FDC CGCA TKI ATT. WS65059901. 2019-06-16. By GCHB CH Pavarotti Iz Dinastii Chempionov CA BCAT - GCHB CH Force Pride Rosie CD PCD BN RA FDC BCAT TT CGCA TKN. Bred by: Angelina Richardson. Owners: Angelina Richardson
Cane Corso Bitch
Preferred Open ·

LAKERIDGE SOVEREIGN SPITFIRE SCARLETT CD RN. PR18521204. 2015-05-13. By GCH CH Aleph American Idol - CH Sovereign Rule. Bred by: Christine L Dallas/debra Ferguson-jones. Owners: Sheryl Sellers/jim Sellers
Poodles Bitch

All results are input from each judge’s sheet but are not considered official until AKC has reviewed and published them. If any errors or omissions are noted, please contact our office or email If the error is on the part of our data entry, we will correct it. If the judge’s sheet shows the award marked incorrectly you will need to contact either the judge or AKC Events Department to get the matter resolved.

NOTICE: Breed Points/Dogs Defeated posted as a courtesy to exhibitors ONLY. Neither the Club or the Superintendent assume responsibility for absolute accuracy. Accuracy is not considered final until AKC has reviewed and posted the final numbers in their records.