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Novice Junior Class · Jessica Lewellen

Sabina Botuchis. 33293296001
MOMO MIRACULOUS. NP68120701. 2021-07-20. By Bruno Von Lim - East Bay Frenchies Midnight. Bred by: Nicole Quinderro Lim. Owners: Kristin & Brian Botuchis
French Bulldogs Bitch

(*) Elora Jarrett. 94604264001
CH POLAR MIST MISCHIEF MANAGED. WS65311402. 2019-05-02. By GCH CH Cabaka's Qonjac Of Summertime - CH Polar Mist Lil Miss Hot Pants. Bred by: Lynette Blue. Owners: Amber Jarrett
Samoyeds Dog

(*) Jaclyn Taylor. 63397029001
PINNACLE'S ROMAN NOCHNOY DOZOR. WS65368101. 2019-04-30. By Harley Devidson S Ozera Razliv - Pinnacle's Fran's Amethyst. Bred by: John Cadman/barbara Galbreath. Owners: Marianna Vladimirovna Taylor/ Jonathan W Taylor
Black Russian Terriers Dog

(*) Rhealyn Burow. 84297311001
LUNAPHIA'S MALICIOUS SIREN OF MCOWEN. DN68037701. 2021-08-10. By Lunaphia's Maximus Epstein - Lunaphia's Sweet Tea. Bred by: Monica Hebert. Owners: Kayla Burow/rhealyn Burow
Cardigan Welsh Corgis Bitch

(*) Ivy Framstad. 56294399001
VIVIDLY HQN IF IT'S MEANT TO BEBE CGC TKA. WS66394301. 2019-09-24. By BLACK OAK'S-DAVISDANE THE LAST DANCE AT QUESTSTAR - Lakaya's Vividly Harlequin Runnin' Wild. Bred by: Renee Gossage/amber Framstad. Owners: Amber And Keenan Framstad
Great Danes Bitch

Zoey Smith. 74764609001
GCH CH DREAM HI OUTWIT OUTLAST WITH ZOOLO CGC TKN. SS13873102. 2019-07-26. By CH Dreamh Hi's Little King Leo Sky Mtn - CH Dream Hi's To Have And To Hold. Bred by: Kristina Rickard/lori Rickard/tyler Crady/sarah Mackney. Owners: Donna L Smith/ Jessica L Smith-toomey/ Kristina Rickard/ Tyler Craft-roche
Brittanys Bitch
Novice Intermediate Class · Jessica Lewellen

(*) Macallister Redfield. 34759158002
CH ANANA'S KAAVIE FIONN CUALAINN. NP53477502. 2019-01-13. By CH Qannik's King Of Hearts - CH Graces' Forgotten Legacy CGC. Bred by: Stephanie Paulsen/kathleen Strunk/tammy Larsen. Owners: Heidi Redfield/stew Redfield
American Eskimo Dogs Dog

(*) Mia Whiteley-ross. 24520493001
TORA FRANCIS WHITELEY-ROSS. NP66101204. 2021-04-10. By CH Kumi Kian Stitch In Time - Temple Fontana's Scarlet Jasmine. Bred by: Barbara Corbett. Owners: Erin Whiteley-ross
Lhasa Apsos Dog

(*) Asia Moss. 11504684002
WAYLIN'S TONY THE TIGER. NP55331101. 2018-04-26. By CH Gumbo-Eviedobee's Stargazer Night For Sonita - Waylin's Kanga Roo. Bred by: Teresa Brereton/mike Brereton. Owners: Linda Moss/asia Moss/teresa Brereton/mike Brereton
Boston Terriers Dog
Novice Senior Class · Jessica Lewellen

(*) Amanda Joseph. 55822316003
TOPSAIL AVENGER OF EVIL. SS16816601. 2020-01-20. By GCH CH Ocoee N' Pawmarc's Twice Bedazzled By Magic - Topsail American Girl. Bred by: Tobi Hensley/jordan Amedee. Owners: Amanda Joseph/jordan Olsen
English Springer Spaniels Dog

Lauren. 51697852005
ELECTRON N FOXFIRE'S LUCK OF THE HIGHRISH. WS71141801. 2020-12-31. By CH Foxfire's Rock My World - GCH CH Electron N Foxfire's High Voltage Accessory RN AX OAJ NF DJ CGC TKN. Bred by: Tammy Markey/michelle Santana/teresa Ross/sierra Story. Owners: Tammy Markey/michelle Santana/teresa Ross/sierra Story
Doberman Pinschers Bitch
Open Junior Class · Jessica Lewellen

(*) Richard Lawson. 48435689001
BESEME'S IT'S NOW OR NEVER WITH LAWSON. TS51883803. 2021-06-22. By CH Amistosa's Lancaster At Jasper - GCH CH Dearheart's Beseme American Sweetheart. Bred by: Charlene Stoutsenberger/lisa Soars. Owners: Lydia Lawson/charlene Stroutsenberger
Havanese Bitch

Kadence Maplethorpe. 21833633003
VICTORIA TOPPERLYN DRAGONDANCER. NP68479201. 2021-07-30. By GCH CH Topperlyns-Ramar A Dragons Legend - CH Victoria's Blaze Of Glory At Tumbleweed. Bred by: Lynda L Kieres/connor Maplethorpe/michele Kasten. Owners: Michele A Kasten/lynda Kieres
Schipperkes Dog

Scarlet Martinez. 50855788001
GCH CH INVERNESS SCOTIAN EZ PZ. SR84857402. 2014-07-03. By GCH CH Scotian Windswept Expedition SH - GCH CH Inverness Solo Xtravagance. Bred by: Laura Myles. Owners: Scarlet Martinez/ Hannah Davis
German Wirehaired Pointers Dog

Ophelia Stensen. 96935756001
GCHB CH JOTUNN FEMMA FATALE FIONA CGC TKN. DN40114406. 2014-07-09. By CH Jotunn Bjorn Tobias - CH Port Gamble Fjord's Annika. Bred by: Vali Eberhardt. Owners: Octavia Stensen/vali Eberhardt
Norwegian Buhunds Bitch

Elizabeth Yoon. 55912062001
GCHG CH LAKERIDGE SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE. PR17922002. 2014-04-28. By CH Randenn's Snapshot - CH Lakeridge Cosmopolitan At Valcopy. Bred by: Debra Ferguson-jones/. Owners: Yunyoung/choi Debra/ferguson
Poodles Dog

(*) Makynlee Hudson. 47599157002
GCH CH JODIRA VON MAYMAKAN CGCA CGCU. WS62772601. 2018-04-19. By Fortuna Feeria Elisar Woin Sweta - Fortuna Feeria Camelia. Bred by: Dagmar Tietge. Owners: Jean Tuggle/emily Foster/makynlee Hudson/christine Hudson
Black Russian Terriers Bitch
Open Intermediate Class · Jessica Lewellen

(*) Ananoel Miller. 40872620001
TEKO'S LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE. HP62855101LR. 2021-06-16. By GCHB CH Corral West Bullet Proof - GCH CH Teko's Two For The Show. Bred by: Shannon Oliver/joseph Tachera. Owners: Kari Miller
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos Dog

Claire Rumelhart. 23350666001
CH BRAMBLE'S I AIM TO PLEASE. HP57544706. 2019-03-13. By GCH CH You Are My Ace V. Grunsven - CH Castlehill N'Bluefence Runaround Sue. Bred by: Rosemary Ryan. Owners: Jeannie Aitken/savanah Aitken/claire Rumelhart
Basset Hounds Bitch

Elena Schiebel. 51751542001
GCH CH KELBY CREEK'S ANNIE OAKLEY. SR84048902. 2014-08-18. By GCHP CH Regal Point Pinnacle Of Kilauea CD MH CGC - GCHS CH Kelby Creek's Cleopatra Selene. Bred by: Ms. Mary Louise Gaudio/susan Muir. Owners: Mary Louise Gaudio/elena Rose Schiebel
Vizslas Bitch

Tatum Sorrows. 10209229005
GCH CH POSEY CANYON RUNNIN DOWN A DREAM. RN31206903. 2017-09-05. By Posey Canyon No Way Back - Posey Canyon Small Town Girl. Bred by: Jennifer Johnston. Owners: Debbie Reily Richardson/jennifer Johnston
Russell Terriers Dog

Natalie Paige Van Tassel. 33176979002
GCHS CH REMEDY'S PERFECTLY PAIRED BN RN CGC TKN. DN59421801. 2019-10-09. By GCHB CH Silverwood Calling The Kettle Black At Limelite - GCH CH Limelite's Keep Calm And Shop On. Bred by: Katie Knudtson/adam J Tavares Iii. Owners: Katie Knudtson/ Natalie Van Tassel/ Kiera Hall
Australian Shepherds Bitch

Madison Thompson. 77968282001
CH SMOKETREE'S 24K MAGIC. SS20453219. 2020-06-29. By GCHS CH Zengold Murphy's Law BCAT CGC - GCHG CH Smoketree's Encore. Bred by: Megan Honari/sally Maryatt/randy Schepper/richard Larricq. Owners: Madison Thompson
Golden Retrievers Dog

Lillie Vogel. 96907052001
GCH CH 2INFINITY ONLY THE TOP SHELF GOLD COIN. WS58068501. 2017-07-15. By GCHS CH Gold Coin's All About Me CD BN RE TKN - GCH CH Neu-Rodes Shut Up N Drink 2infinity CD RE. Bred by: David Bert/christina Ulberg. Owners: David Bert/christina Ulberg/linda Rich
Rottweilers Dog

Annalise Wesley. 72388037002
CH GOLDTALES PLEASE DON'T STOP LOVIN ME CD RE CGC TKN. SS13436108. 2019-06-15. By GCHS CH Alloro Waiting For Superman - GCHS CH Goldtales Backwoods Barbie CGC. Bred by: Susan Babich. Owners: Laura Thompson/madison Thompson/susan Babich
Golden Retrievers Dog

(*) Madison O’rourke. 81884663003
SPARRAVOHN GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO FDC CGC TKA ATT VHMA. RN35631003. 2020-11-09. By GCH CH Greywoode Cheviot Echo Of Oldstone - GCH CH Bandersnatch Ascendant. Bred by: Janice K Hewitt. Owners: Madison O’rourke/ Cherie O’rourke
Border Terriers Bitch
Open Senior Class · Jessica Lewellen

(*) Olivia Ciabattari. 37767538005
GCH CH MT RIDERS BOUNDING BRYZZO BIRDIE BOY CGC TKI. SS05201901. 2018-04-30. By GCH CH Pollack's Norman J Rockwell JH - Tk's Good Golly Quail A Running JH. Bred by: Mrs. Beth Ann Harrison. Owners: Andre Ciabattari/mary Ciabattari/olivia Ciabattari/nathan Ciabattari
Brittanys Dog

Brayden Burn. 39496521010
ENCORE'S MAKING WAVES. DN69826901. 2021-11-28. By GCHB CH Moxie's Light Up The Sky RN SCN SIN TKA VSWE - GCH CH Encore's Maree Of Soul. Bred by: Megan Roberts/corinne Boon/charlotte Hull-walton. Owners: Danyall Benavides/ Corinne Boon/ Brayden Burn
Collies Bitch

(*) Emma Garcia. 20257553004
KELBY CREEK AND MOON VALLEY'S SWEET PALOMA TKN. SS23994902. 2020-12-07. By GCH CH Kelby Creek's And Eastwind's Over The Moon SH - GCH CH Kelby Creek's Sweet Thing RATN CGC TKN. Bred by: Valorie Bordon/mary Gaudio. Owners: Gregory Garcia And Mary Gaudio
Vizslas Bitch

(*) Gabriella Gebhard. 58189491002
CH SET'R RIDGE'S LEGEND IN THE MAKING. SS18304502. 2020-03-12. By CH Lucksheray From Rolex - CH Set'R Ridge's On A Wing And A Prayer. Bred by: Melissa Newman. Owners: Gabriella Gebhard/ Melissa Newman
English Setters Dog

Sarah Wolfe. 13835386003
GCHS CH TIFFANY'S DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH FDC BCAT CGC ATT. DN58796406. 2019-08-08. By GCHG CH Picasso's Habanero Heat'N Up Ultra Quest FDC BCAT CGC TKN ATT - GCHG CH Chandreas Tiffany Blue BN RAE FDC NA DCAT CGCA CGCU TKI ATT. Bred by: Melisa Tiffany/cheryl Hass. Owners: Sarah Wolfe/melisa Tiffany
Miniature American Shepherds Dog

(*) Jewel Scott. 75279001004
LOOKOUTTRAIL'S WINTER DRAGON RN TKN. DN48286409. 2016-12-20. By GCHG CH Graffiti Mcmatt Shook Me @Lookouttrail - CH Lookouttrails Ez Shooten Starr. Bred by: Susan M Gilliam. Owners: Vicki Graves/kristen Scott/jewel Scott
Australian Shepherds Bitch

(*) Esperanza Ramsey. 87021281004
FOREVER YOUNG DE AVILA. DN50483704. 2017-04-18. By CH De Avila's Awe Inspiring PT - CH Isengard's Eve CGC. Bred by: Ruth Avila/gay Santerre. Owners: Ruth Avila/esperanza Ramsey
Belgian Sheepdogs Dog

(*) Madeline Horvatt. 51121625004
ISENGARD'S KALISE. DN43597306. 2015-06-18. By Je M'Appelle Xanthe - GCH CH Isengard's Wildflower. Bred by: Joyce Winter/michael Winter/lorra Miller. Owners: Ruth Avila/ Maddie Horvath
Belgian Sheepdogs Bitch

(*) Macy Banning. 88347419004
MONARCH TERCAN 'N ZANDRIA QUE SERA. DN62320703. 2020-05-15. By GCHG CH Southland Aurealis Island Nights - CH Clarion Monarch Black Opal. Bred by: Debra Smith/scout Smith/judie Evans. Owners: Macy Banning/s Banning/c Hunter/a Erb
Collies Bitch

(*) Octavia Stensen. 22329253001
GCH CH CULTIVA CRUISIN FOR A BRUISIN PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. DN63769701. 2020-07-31. By GCHB CH Arnscroft Be A Sailors Son Di - GCHB CH Jotunn Femma Fatale Fiona CGC TKN. Bred by: Octavia Stensen/autumn Stensen/vali Eberhardt. Owners: Octavia Stensen/autumn Stensen/ophelia Stensen
Norwegian Buhunds Bitch

(*) Dakota Ford. 13426389001
NEU-RODES STICKIN' TO MY GIRL BN RA FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKI ATT. WS65821602. 2019-08-21. By CH Genwork's Smokin Joe CD RN - CH Neu-Rodes It's A Shore Thing CD RE. Bred by: Teresa Bradley/thomas Woodward. Owners: Dakota Ford
Rottweilers Bitch

Carmen Williard. 75434941003
GCH CH DUGUALLA'S MOON MOVES THE TIDE. HP56488406. 2018-08-14. By GCH CH Bramblewood's Round Of Appaws - CH Arbeca's Rossinyol. Bred by: Jessica L Stover/robin Castillo/theodora Burke. Owners: Jessica L Stover/ Michael Hyatt/ Robin Castillo
Ibizan Hounds Dog

Maddison Barnhart. 97776175002
ANTICO'S EVE OF MT VIEW. WS74149802. 2021-09-13. By GCHG CH Evolution's Mclovin - Antico's Sunset Nevaeh. Bred by: Patrick Haenni/kate Muldoon. Owners: Brandi Miller/kate Muldoon
Cane Corso Bitch

Lillian Mueller. 38711446001
GCH CH WYNCLIFF"S AUTUMN SPLENDOR. SS09068401. 2018-08-05. By GCHP CH Artic Sun's Pursuing The Dream JH - CH Valley Crest I Will Survive. Bred by: Dinah Baggenstos/richard Baggenstos. Owners: Dinah Baggenstos/richard Baggenstos/lillian Mueller
Flat-Coated Retrievers Bitch

(*) Lauren Maddox. 52420389001
GCH CH NORDIC MINI COOPER. RN31808501. 2018-01-25. By GCHG CH High Mtn Warfox High Noon At Foxterity - GCH CH Sunlyn Moet. Bred by: Susan J Altmeyer. Owners: Susan J Altmeyer
Smooth Fox Terriers Bitch

(*) Venna Harris. 81620206006
CH INTEGRA'S INDUBITABLE. TS53513805. 2021-10-24. By CH Mordecai's On My Own - GCHB CH Integra's High Fashion. Bred by: Mark A Lucas. Owners: Larry L Harris/venna R Harris/dayde W Harris
Italian Greyhounds Dog
Master Class · Jessica Lewellen

Zarin Godfrey. 67543290004
GCHS CH RACH RED WATER'S IRON COMPASS CDX BN RM5 RAE3 FDC BCAT DP DEA CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA. SS02938801. 2017-12-27. By GCHS CH Next Generations Dr Mudd RN JH - CH Frankie Oak Bay JH. Bred by: Bryan Boretsky. Owners: Sonia Cunningham/zarin Godfrey
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Dog

Lila Holberg. 18040640001
GCHS CH SOUTHERN MALMASON PHEASANTLY SURPRISED JH CA DCAT. SS00712908. 2017-08-06. By CH Fieldstone Alydar Heaven In Your Eyes - CH Malmason Alydar Shining Example JH BCAT CGC TKN. Bred by: Tina Mcdonnell/beth T Kirven/terry Ellis. Owners: Tina Mcdonnell/lila Holberg
Pointers Dog

(*) Camryn Sherrin. 70106974001
CH TOFINI DESTINED FOR THE SCREEN. TS43967702. 2018-10-25. By GCH CH Firesprite's Down N Dirty - GCH CH Arvizu's La Patrona. Bred by: Fotina A Karavas. Owners: Camryn Sherrin/ Jill Sherrin/ Fotina Karavas
Pomeranians Bitch

All results are input from each judge’s sheet but are not considered official until AKC has reviewed and published them. If any errors or omissions are noted, please contact our office or email If the error is on the part of our data entry, we will correct it. If the judge’s sheet shows the award marked incorrectly you will need to contact either the judge or AKC Events Department to get the matter resolved.

NOTICE: Breed Points/Dogs Defeated posted as a courtesy to exhibitors ONLY. Neither the Club or the Superintendent assume responsibility for absolute accuracy. Accuracy is not considered final until AKC has reviewed and posted the final numbers in their records.