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GIG HARBOR KC - JR - 1/15/24

Novice Junior Class ·

Sabina Botuchis. 33293296001
CH RIJEKA'S HEIR APPARENT RN OAP OJP OFP ACT2 ACT1J RATN TKI. HP53034603. 2017-01-29. By CH Liseldun Solv Sterjne Vinsja UDX - CH Highland Just Push Play At Rijeka UD BN RN TD. Bred by: Renee Schmidt/steven Schmidt. Owners: Kim J Leslue/stephen A Leslie
Norwegian Elkhounds Bitch

Theodore Cole. 87689753001
IRONWARD'S HANNAH. WS74009810. 2021-08-15. By Odin Master Of Ecstacy - Large Black Von Turid. Bred by: Yulianna Arriaga/carlos Alberto Gomez. Owners: Hailey White And Theodore Cole
Bullmastiffs Bitch

(*) Emma Holloway. 30407794002
COLOCKUM DIAMOND HILL HOPPING TO WIN. DN75019604. 2023-03-21. By GCHB CH Mt.Woods Backcountry Dashing OAP NJP - Diamond Hill's Boutthymecolockum CD BN NA BCAT CGCA TKI. Bred by: Paige Brown/donna Burdick/jamie Hansen. Owners: Emma Holloway/ Paige Brown
Australian Shepherds Dog

Dee Dirks. 43005721002
CH MOONSTONE'S KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE BN RN. SS13421901. 2019-08-04. By GCHG CH Moonstone's Silver Bullet Explorer JH FDC CGC TKP - GCH CH Moonstone's Magic Carpet Ride. Bred by: Barbara Cook. Owners: Faith Gage/barbara Taylor/jesse Taylor/barbara Cook
Weimaraners Bitch

Ava Oblisk. 63527726001
CH 2INFINITY RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT CGC. WS52536201. 2015-12-15. By GCHS CH Waylon Vom Stefanhaus CD RE - Neu-Rodes Whatchamacallit 2infinity RN. Bred by: David Bert/christina Ulberg. Owners: Christina Ulberg/david Bert
Rottweilers Bitch

Madilyn Jones. 38562383002
AUTUMN XII. PAL284983. 2020-06-14. By - . Bred by: . Owners: Madilyn/tracy Jones
Yorkshire Terriers Bitch

(*) Alexander Legrand. 17996426001
CH CLASSY STAFFYS SHOOT FOR THE MOON CGC TKN FITS. RN34636504. 2020-01-31. By Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon - GCH CH Glenmars Rim Fire Pistol At Classy Staffys. Bred by: Lynn Heimbuch/d Dills/mary Gaffney. Owners: Lynn Heimbuch/tina Legrand/alex Legrand
Staffordshire Bull Terriers Bitch

Ayra Kirkley. 31331759003
BTRUE'S IT ALL STARTS WITH "V" BCAT. WS69253801. 2019-07-23. By GCH CH Btrue's Legion Of Boom Chocolatta CD BN RN CA BCAT CGCU TKI - Btrue's Heart Of A Rebel. Bred by: Melissa Wilste/jordan Murray/caleb Mckee/alex Mckee. Owners: Alex Mckee/melissa Wiltse/jordan Murray/caleb Mckee
Bullmastiffs Bitch

Keenan Isaak Framstas. 29011889002
VIVIDLY HQN BLOOD MOON IN CABO. WS79899302. 2023-02-09. By CH Trila's Wild And Free BCAT CGC TKI VHMA VSWB FITB - Vividly Hqn If It's Meant To Bebe BCAT CGCA CGCU TKA. Bred by: Amber Framstad. Owners: Keenand Framstad/amber Framstad
Great Danes Bitch
Novice Intermediate Class ·

Katelyn O’leary. 95363815003
LITTLE PONDEROSA SPIRIT. SS41585404. 2023-05-16. By Sugar Gunner Duckpup - Circle B's Ethal 56 Premium Vodka. Bred by: Cassandra Day. Owners: Katherine O’leary
Labrador Retrievers Bitch

Willow Bertrand. 15844765003
HIVE'S EYE CANDY. WS81037302. 2023-05-17. By Gallardo's Who Made Who - Bimberg's Femme Fatale. Bred by: Laurena Gagno. Owners: Laurena Gagno/
Boxers Bitch

(*) Emma Dea Kirkpatrick. 56839380007
SKYVIEW TAKE IT EASY. DN76295004. 2023-05-14. By GCH CH Skyview Believe In Me - GCH CH Skyview Crown Royale. Bred by: Lynda A Leffel/jennifer Mathis. Owners: Emma Dea Kirkpatrick
Miniature American Shepherds Dog
Novice Senior Class ·

(*) Mabry Herring. 88142123003
LAMZ RAZZLE DAZZLE 'EM. RN39538704. 2023-05-26. By GCHB CH Lamz A Brief History Of Time - GCHG CH Lamz A Dance With Dragons FDC CAA DCAT CGCA TKN. Bred by: Laurie W Zembrzuski/gabrielle M. Gilbeau Esq./mr. Michael A. Zembrzuski. Owners: Laurie Zembrzuski/nathan Herring/mabry Herring/miller Sherling
Bedlington Terriers Bitch

James Kranick. 36324419006
CH ISENGARD'S KALISE. DN43597306. 2015-06-18. By Je M'Appelle Xanthe - GCH CH Isengard's Wildflower. Bred by: Joyce Winter/michael Winter/lorra Miller. Owners: Ruth Avila
Belgian Sheepdogs Bitch

(*) Elena Lill. 70106974004
HOLLYROOD GODRIC GRYFFINDOR. HP63170301. 2020-10-31. By Necesse's Defendo Dominus - Hollyrood Whiskey Sour. Bred by: Lynne Bruce/heidi Gervais. Owners: Jenny Lill/michael Lill/elena Lill
Scottish Deerhounds Dog
Open Junior Class ·

William Robinson. 55540704001
D'VISTA'S WISHING ON A STAR. NP78025404. 2022-07-12. By GCHG CH Carousel's Polar Express - 2stars Tx Star Mission Ready. Bred by: Michelle Lewis/wesley Lewis/cathy Harrington/david Harrington. Owners: Cathy Harrington/david Harrington
French Bulldogs Bitch

Leighton Hansen. 55307003003
GCHP CH SPOTLITE & DBLSHOT'S PREMIER EDITION CGC TKN. NP47813401. 2017-09-27. By GCHP CH Spotlight Where We Left Off For Amethyst - GCHS CH Spotlite's Dblshot Of Pure Bliss. Bred by: Melody Ennis/jennifer Meisch/kris Fitzgerald. Owners: Jennifer Meish
Dalmatians Dog

Qianyu Wang. 41951971001
CH LAKERIDGE AURORA. PR26692701. 2022-07-28. By GCHG CH Lakeridge Challenger - CH Lakeridge Field Of Dreams. Bred by: Debra Ferguson Jones/madison Paige Thomas. Owners: Debra Ferguson-jones And Cathy Petrie
Poodles Bitch

(*) Chloe Klennert. 14749835001
MUSASHI STAND BY YOUR MAN. TS61402601. 2023-06-29. By CH Touche' Musashi Reconnaissance - CH Musashi Paparazzi. Bred by: Kathleen Klennert. Owners: Kathleen Klennert/ Chloe Klennert
Japanese Chin Bitch

Zoey Smith. 74764609001
GCH CH ZOOLO'S BUOY TENDER. RN31883102. 2018-01-29. By GCHS CH Shasta N Sonship A Skip - CH Dream Hi And Catch The Waves. Bred by: Jessica Smith-toomey/donna L Smith/kristina Rickard. Owners: Jessica Toomey/ Kristina Rickard/ Donna Smith
Parson Russell Terriers Dog

Jewel Van Tassel. 55307003002
DRAYTON'S IF I HAD A NICKEL RN CGC TKN. DN69192109. 2021-07-19. By CH Remedy's I Am Groot CD RA - Step'N Out's Dancin' Ta Angelcreek. Bred by: Mckenzie Harrison/mrs. Jean Homfeld. Owners: Natalie P Van Tassel/ Mindy R Clark-van Tassel/ Mckenzie Harrison
Australian Shepherds Bitch

(*) Elora Jarrett. 94604264001
GCH CH POLAR MIST MISCHIEF MANAGED BCAT ATT. WS65311402. 2019-05-02. By GCH CH Cabaka's Qonjac Of Summertime - CH Polar Mist Lil Miss Hot Pants. Bred by: Lynette Blue. Owners: Amber Jarrett/elora Jarrett
Samoyeds Dog

(*) Johanna Tuggle. 89665010001
GCHB CH SPARTAS HAVE FUN STORMIN DA CASTLE BN RI FDC CGCA CGCU TKN ATT. WS69310501. 2020-07-10. By GCHP CH Russian Bears Play It Again Sam For Old Times Sake RN BCAT CGC - GCH CH Jodira Von Maymakan RN CGCA CGCU. Bred by: Jean Tuggle/emily Fagan. Owners: Christine Hudson/jean Tuggle/emily Foster/
Black Russian Terriers Dog
Open Intermediate Class ·

Analise Weber. 10078065006
MAGGIE WEBER III CGC. SS11084512. 2019-03-10. By Hughes Silver Nickel - Hughes Cold Tundra. Bred by: Dr. Amber Dawn Hughes. Owners: Kirsten Weber
Labrador Retrievers Bitch

(*) Avery Hansen. 95447850003
SPOTLITE'S CACIO E PEPE. NP74768006. 2022-04-13. By GCH CH Hispot's The Man In Black - CH Spotlite's Twice Is Nice CGC. Bred by: Jennifer Meisch/crystal Beam/margaret Callea/cassidy Jackson. Owners: Courtney Hughes/avery Hansen/jennifer Meisch
Dalmatians Dog

(*) Mckaley Roetcisoender. 77278150002
CH SET'R RIDGE'S TRI TO CATCH ME BCAT CGC TKN. SS23171605. 2020-11-17. By GCHG CH Gold Rush Party Attire CA - Set'R Ridge's Believe In Justice. Bred by: Doug Peg Phelps/melissa Newman. Owners: Asha Nahas/molly Kaligowski
Setters (English) Dog

(*) Savannah Barrett. 44399894005
JOURNEY'S HOT AND GO TWEET ABOUT IT CGC TKN. SS32825506. 2022-01-13. By GCH CH Journey's Esspecial On A Hott Streak CDX - GCHB CH Journey Dartek Eldamar Tweet About It. Bred by: Kim Bullard/tekla Viker/demery Paladichuk/julie M Roberts. Owners: Jessica Barrett/vanessa Barrett
English Springer Spaniels Bitch

Rhys Goldman. 79766247001
GCH DC NEFER-TEMU ULTIMATE PRINCESS SC DCAT. HP58292808. 2019-08-12. By GCHG DC Nefer-Temu Vou Te Contar RN MC LCX - GCHB DC Nefer Temu Melange RN SC. Bred by: Alice Symons/emily Kerridge. Owners: Kailen Goldman/emily Kerridge/gloria Tzuang
Pharaoh Hounds Bitch

Scarlet Martinez. 50855788001
SADDLEROCKS CAREFUL WHATUWISH4 CGC TKA. DN64705706. 2020-11-01. By CH Ragtimes Distilled By Saddlerock - CH Hemel's Art Of The Catch RI NA NAJ AXP OJP NFP BCAT CGC. Bred by: Hannah Davis. Owners: Scarlet Martinez/ China Lewis/ Hannah Davis
Australian Shepherds Dog

(*) Alicia Sierra. 30664556001
GCHS CH TERCAN 'N ZANDRIA'S SPIN THE BOTTLE CGC TKN. DN65855304. 2021-01-16. By GCH CH Tercan 'N Zandria 'N Jubillie Fortune's Favor PT TKN - GCHS CH Zandria 'N Tercan's Kiss My Freckles TKN. Bred by: Candace Hunter/alexzandra Erb. Owners: Candace Hunter/alexzandra Erb/dean Justice/jeanne Justice
Collies Dog

(*) Makynlee Hudson. 47599157002
CH SPARTA'S GOING MACH...WITH HER HAIR ON FIRE. WS78770801. 2022-03-04. By Hannoveria Top Gun - GCH CH Jodira Von Maymakan RN CGCA CGCU. Bred by: Jean Tuggle/emily Fagan/christine Hudson/makynlee Hudson. Owners: Jean Tuggle/emily Fagan/christine Hudson/makynlee Hudson
Black Russian Terriers Bitch

Vanessa Barrett. 44322333003
GCHB CH JOURNEY DARTEK ELDAMAR TWEET ABOUT IT. SR97672701. 2017-01-21. By GCH CH Tiffany's Esspecial Magic Kingdom BN RN - CH Dartek Eldamar Journey To Shore RN CGC. Bred by: Kim Bullard/tekla Viker/julie M Roberts. Owners: Kim Bullard/tekla Viker/julie Roberts/demery Paladichuk
English Springer Spaniels Bitch

Talia Powell. 74148416003
DLUCKS THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS. HP59111903. 2020-01-03. By GCH DC Dark Moon's Supernatural SC TKN - CH Dlucks In Cahoots With Zindika. Bred by: Natalie Scherwin. Owners: Araya Powell & Talia Powell
Basenjis Dog

(*) Peytyn Pratt. 98072655005
TXS BELLS WRECKEN HEARTS @NWRAINBOWS. DN71240605. 2022-03-12. By Txs Bells Gonna Need A Wrecker To Broken Arrow - Cachet From Mint Hill Rosycheeks. Bred by: Liz Bell. Owners: Brittney Farnsworth/ Peytyn Pratt
Australian Shepherds Bitch

(*) Ivy Framstad. 56294399001
CLOUDPOINTE ICE ICE BABY. DN74471001. 2022-12-03. By GCHB CH Arnscroft Be A Sailors Son Di - GCH CH Jotunn Kola Karina. Bred by: Amelia Mclaughlin/vali Eberhardt. Owners: Ivy Framstad/keenan Framstad/amber Framstad/amie Mclaughlin
Norwegian Buhunds Bitch
Open Senior Class ·

Sarah Wolfe. 13835386003
CH WINDSONG BONHEUR WELL-KEPT SECRET AT ROCKIN HEART BCAT CGC. DN66750701. 2021-02-03. By Want To Do! Z Kovarny - CH Windsong Bonheur Terra Nova. Bred by: Alleyne Dickens/martha Schubert/tierney Mays. Owners: Nancy Lee Wight/alleyne Dickens/sarah Wolfe
Belgian Tervuren Bitch

Lila Holberg. 18040640001
GCHB CH TRF COLDWATER'S AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO. SS28242707. 2021-07-29. By GCHG CH Coldwater's Big Shoes To Fill CGC TKN - GCH CH Trf White River Stars Shining At Sunrise CD RI TD BCAT CGC TKN. Bred by: Kipp L E Whelan/samuel Whelan D.v.m./steven Whelan/becky Feigh. Owners: Kimberly Abbott/kipp Whalen/becky Feigh
German Shorthaired Pointers Dog

(*) Gabriella Gebhard. 58189491002
GCH CH SET'R RIDGE'S LEGEND IN THE MAKING. SS18304502. 2020-03-12. By CH Lucksheray From Rolex - CH Set'R Ridge's On A Wing And A Prayer. Bred by: Melissa Newman. Owners: Gabriella Gebhard/ Melissa Newman0
English Setters Dog

(*) Sophie Schaffert. 88900492001
GCH CH SKYVIEW CROWN ROYALE. DN62675506. 2020-06-11. By GCH CH Energies Royal Crown Armani - CH Skyview Crown Of Glory. Bred by: Rick Ruby/curt Fuller/lynda A Leffel. Owners: Lynda A Leffel
Miniature American Shepherds Bitch

Lorelei Binnendyk-payne. 66667999003
GCHB CH ALOFA'S GREAT BALLZ OF FIRE BN RI OAP NJP NF XFP BCAT SCN SIN SBN CGCA CGCU TKN. NP59206201. 2020-03-20. By GCHB CH Dakota Snowood Starry Starry Night - GCHB CH Alofa's All About Arihi BN RA OA OAJ OAP OJP XF NFP DCAT SWN CGCA TKN. Bred by: Shari Knoche/nicole Wright. Owners: Shari Knoche
Dalmatians Dog

(*) Braden Greer. 60256988001
CH SILVERBAY N PM'S RIDIN' DIRTY JH CGC. SS34454804. 2022-04-10. By GCHS CH Silverbay's Born This Way! SH CGC TKA - GCH CH Pm's Fastpitch Kit At Silverbay JH. Bred by: Rebecca Harper-gardea/dawna Miller/madison Gardea. Owners: Barbara Taylor/faith Gage/jesse Taylor
Weimaraners Dog

(*) Rowan Scholl. 98881708003
GCH CH SKYHIGH RAINBOW CONNECTION CD BN RE BCAT CGCA TKN. SR93165502. 2016-04-03. By GCHB CH Lynlee's Sky High CGC - American Beauty Des Vauriennes CGC. Bred by: Diane Grayson. Owners: Evelyn Hokanson
Spaniels (Welsh Springer) Dog

(*) Lillie Vogel. 96907052001
GCHB CH 2INFINITY ONLY THE TOP SHELF GOLD COIN. WS58068501. 2017-07-15. By GCHS CH Gold Coin's All About Me CD BN RE TKN - GCH CH Neu-Rodes Shut Up N Drink 2infinity CD RE. Bred by: David Bert/christina Ulberg. Owners: David Bert/christina Ulberg/linda Rich/lillie Vogel
Rottweilers Dog

Esperanza Ramsey. 87021281004
ADAGIO'S NOBLE HOPE DE AVILA. DN74052103. 2022-12-11. By GCH CH Adagio N Belbrook's Guns N' Roses BCAT CGC TKN ATT - CH Isengard's Moonstruck De Avila. Bred by: Anna Mcartor/rachael Rabenberg. Owners: Ruth Avila/holly Ramsey
Belgian Sheepdogs Bitch

Madison O'rourke. 81884663003
CH LITTLEFIELD CARD TRIX. RN33506501. 2019-04-16. By GCH CH High Pines Counting Cards - GCH CH Littlefield Hat Trix. Bred by: Leandra Little. Owners: Pamela Cope/leandra Little
Norwich Terriers Bitch

Kailen Goldman. 42577598004
NEFER-TEMU LOTUS' VANILLA SKY. HP68542202. 2023-05-19. By GCHB DC Mia's Bakhu Risky Business Of Hallam RN MC LCX3 CA CGC TKN - GCH CH Nefer-Temu Final Fantasy For Galadrial JC BCAT. Bred by: Emily Kerridge/darci Kunard/cheryl Mcdermott D.v.m./gloria Tzuang. Owners: Gloria Tzuang/emily Kerridge
Pharaoh Hounds Bitch

Natalie Van Tassel. 33176979002
CH REMEDY'S I AM GROOT CD RA. DN49243605. 2017-04-10. By GCHB CH Emptynest Silver Lining - Testimony's Mystery Date CGC. Bred by: Megan Schill/katie Knudtson. Owners: Tommy Weed/katie Knudtson
Australian Shepherds Dog

Alixandra Inskeep. 99329997004
GCH CH D'AWESOME JUSTA BUDDY. TS57957403. 2022-08-06. By GCH CH Haus Black Bist Wulf - GCH CH Haus Black Bist Olla La. Bred by: David H Graber/shari L Mason. Owners: David Graber/shari Mason/ Emma Gallaway
Biewer Terriers Dog

Magdelana Morrow. 64497228007
GCHB CH ICON N PILGRIM'S BAKE LOVE NOT WAR. WS64463507. 2019-01-14. By GCHG CH Gaffle's The Proof Is In The Heir At Kimo - GCHG CH Icon N Gaffle's Domestic Goddess CD FDC CGCA CGCU TKI ATT. Bred by: Jill Roman/teri Winston D.v.m./robert S Mckelvey/martin Glover. Owners: Jill Roman/teri Winston
Bullmastiffs Dog

Jewel Scott. 75279001004
LOOKOUTTRAIL'S WINTER DRAGON RN TKN. DN48286409. 2016-12-20. By GCHG CH Graffiti Mcmatt Shook Me @Lookouttrail - CH Lookouttrails Ez Shooten Starr. Bred by: Susan M Gilliam. Owners: Kristen Scott/vicki Graves/susie Gilliam
Australian Shepherds Bitch

(*) Madison Thompson. 77968282001
EVERMORE POSH IT AIN'T EASY BEING CHEESY. SS42760401. 2023-06-11. By CH Trilogy'N'Wood Duck Cowboys'N'Dreamers - GCH CH Evermore's Golden Queen Of The Sea BN RA CGC TKI. Bred by: Madison Anne Thompson/christian Rutten/megan Honari. Owners: Madison Thompson
Golden Retrievers Bitch
Master Class ·

(*) Caleigh Novak. 97964442001
CH JOURNEY DARTEK ELDAMAR THE BIG APPLE @ REIGN RN CGC. SS08316707. 2018-09-28. By GCHB CH Silverhill Steel Wheels - CH Dartek Eldamar Journey To Shore RN CGC. Bred by: Kim Bullard/tekla Viker/julie M Roberts/demery Paladichuk. Owners: Kim Bullard/aimee & Caleigh Novak- Politowicz
English Springer Spaniels Dog

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NOTICE: Breed Points/Dogs Defeated posted as a courtesy to exhibitors ONLY. Neither the Club or the Superintendent assume responsibility for absolute accuracy. Accuracy is not considered final until AKC has reviewed and posted the final numbers in their records.