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Need Help With Our Site?

Welcome to the new BaRay Events site! Here you can find information on how to use our site to enter shows and get information about shows and entries.

Create an Account (also called a Profile)

Before you can enter a show, you will need to create an account. Click on Sign In | Register at the top right of the screen, and then choose Create New Account. In the box that says Email Address, enter the email address that you would like to use for this account. This is where entry confirmations and any other email correspondence from BaRay will be sent, and will also serve as your “user id” for this site.

In the two boxes that say Password and Retype Password, choose a password for your account that you will be able to remember.

Now choose Create Account. Fill in your contact information (boxes with a red * are required information) and choose Save. You have now created your new account/profile!

Am I Logged In?

You can tell if you are logged in or not by looking on the upper right of the page. If it says Sign In | Register, this means you are not logged in. There are many parts of the website you can access without logging in, including viewing information on upcoming shows, premium lists, judging programs, results, etc.

If the upper right of the page says My Account, this means you are logged in. You need to be logged in to enter a show, add dogs to your profile, view past entries, etc.

Add Dogs to Profile

After you have created your account/profile, you will need to add your dog(s) to your profile. You will only need to do this once, for each dog. Click on My Account, and then choose My Dogs. Then, click on the Add Dog button – this will bring you to the Dog Information page.

First, click one of the three choices for the type of registration number, enter the registration number, and then click the orange Lookup Dog button. Now scroll down and fill in the rest of the boxes.

Some of the boxes may be gray and already filled in - this happens for regular AKC registration numbers, and is the exact information about your dog according to AKC records. These boxes are not editable; if you feel any of this information is incorrect, first check that you entered the correct registration number. If you feel you have entered the correct number, you must contact AKC directly at (919) 233-9767 if you wish to modify any information they have for your dog. NOTE: non-AKC titles will not be displayed at this time; we will be adding the ability to enter these titles very soon!

Fill in all the white boxes, and then choose Save.
• For dogs with a current AKC number (the AKC/PAL Reg # option), you will only have to enter the “Place of Birth” and “Owners” fields.
• For dogs with AKC Litter # and Foreign Reg #, you will have to enter more of the dog’s information. Just fill in all the white boxes.

Your dog will now be stored in your profile. Repeat these steps for each dog you wish to enter in shows.

Enter a Show

After you have created an account and added your dogs, you are ready to enter a show. From the main menu, click on the yellow Enter A Show button. You will see a list of current shows. Here are the types of shows listed here:
• shows that you can get information about, but you can’t yet enter. You can look at the premium list and breed counts for previous years
• shows that you can enter
• shows that are closed for entries, but you can get breed counts (available within 24 hours after closing) and
judging program (available about 10 days before the event)

You can tell which shows are available for entry by comparing today’s date/time with the Opening Date and Closing Date columns.

After choosing a show to enter, you will be taken to the “Show Information” page. This contains basic information about the show. On the left you will see location and pricing information. On the right you will see a list of links, including Previous Breed Counts, Premium List, and another yellow Enter Online button. Click on this button to enter the show.

You will be asked to choose which dog to enter. The dropdown list should contain all the dogs you have previously added to your profile. If you haven’t yet added the dog, choose the first line that says “Add New Dog” and you will be taken to the “Add Dog” screen. After completing that step, go back to Enter Online and choose the show.

After choosing your dog, you will be taken to the online entry form. This is similar to the standard AKC entry form. At the top, under the pricing information, is a list of all the events available in this show. Click on the event(s) that you wish to enter, and then click the box beside the class you wish to enter. You must click the class for each day of the show that you want to enter!

Fill out the rest of the information, then choose Add to Cart. From there, you can choose Make Another Entry to add more entries to your cart, or choose Checkout to pay. On the checkout screen, enter your credit card information and choose Make Payment. If your card is declined, you will not be entered in the show(s)! You must contact your financial institution to reactivate your card, or use another card.

Am I Entered In The Show?

You can check all entries you have made, for all dogs in all shows, after logging in to your account. Click on My Account on the upper right corner of the page, and then click on My Orders.

You can also check to see what shows you have entered a particular dog in. Click on My Account on the upper right corner of the page, and then click on My Dogs. Find the dog you want to check, and click the yellow "eyeball" icon beside the dog's name. This will give you a listing of all shows this dog has been entered in.


Get Show Information

There are two places to get information about upcoming shows:

Show Calendar

To get information about all the shows we have upcoming for the next year or so, choose Show Calendar from the main menu. This is a fluid document, especially in these COVID times. Shows are regularly added, rescheduled or canceled, so be sure to check this often to see the latest show calendar.

Upcoming Shows

To get information about current live shows, choose Enter A Show from the main menu, and select the show for which you want information. This will bring you to the “Show Information” page; here’s the information you can get here:
Before “Opening Date/Time”
• Show dates, location, opening and closing date/times
• Pricing information
• Previous Breed Counts
• Premium List
• Additional Docs (information about any special events at the show)

After “Opening Date/Time”, before “Closing Date/Time”
• Enter a dog online
• Downloadable entry form (for mailing)

After “Closing Date/Time”
• Breed Counts (available within 24 hours after closing)
• Judging Program (available about 10 days before the event)